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Saturday, 21 July 2012


kepada sesiapa yang mahu join just click ni  join2 ok :)
  thanx to tasha b'coz ajak saya join contest nie.. ok i know that im not the prettiest one...not a kind of cute2 girl ..haha... i just a simple girl yang memang sangat simple ...but  i still want to join this makes my life happy..release from stress :D haha (mencarut pula saya nie ..)

ok.. i wanna introduce myself...   my name is ROZSSA 20 years old...  i'm from SABAH (KENINGAU) which is a beautiful place,  like how you seen at "gerimis mengundang " movie.. hehe..
oppss saya pilih kategori 1

                                                        ok this is me :)

( kamera olympus)

                                                                     (camera hp)

although i'm not muslim wish u all "selamat berpuasa" :) ok...huhu..peace.. lets join! hurry up

tag delta charlie & cik tikah :)

1 comment:

Michelle Hopell said...

awak bukan muslim jugak? hihi..
gud luck tuk contest yg awak join.
cantik gamba tu :)