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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

what i need is only "VACATION"

hey..please shout-up ur mouth!! . i hate it when when u said " yeayyy sabah is waiting for me now~" do u know that my feeling now..don't u feel it..

i feel like crying... bcoz i thought before that  i'll be back home later... ow.. airsia!! please i need promotion ticket from u..

i'll feel lonely for 1 weeks here

i hate it so much..

just now i called yaya..she begged me...
she keep asking me when i'll coming home.. owwhh u make me cry darling~ n suddently my tears fall down.. it's hurt me...i miss u too yaya..don't worry about me .. i'm ok here ;;i just want u to be happy there..sygg yaya juga ...

actually i planned it for long time already..but when the time comes, unfortunately the chances is not mine.

*so the ending is i'll will endup this holiday at my hostel with nobody for 1 weeks....

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Aiisyah Roseskalerful said...

semoga dapat balik ke sabah